Splice Senegal Sessions WAV MiDi

Splice Senegal Sessions WAV MiDi

March 27 2020 | 697 MB

Splice Sessions is a new label from Splice. With bi-annual editions, we’ll take listeners on an expedition through the sonic stories of regions that have had and continue to have a lasting impact on music-making worldwide. We’ll elevate and pay tribute to the creators, cultures, and instruments from around the world that have influenced modern music while providing unprecedented access to unique sounds.

This premier edition features the sounds of Senegal. We traveled to the creative pulse of the region to understand the past, present, and future of its musical landscape. Senegal has a rich and textured musical history. Leaning heavily on percussion, music was a form of long-distance communication, much like smoke signals, and we wanted to capture that.

Recorded in Dakar, this pack was a collaboration with the talent, sounds, and genres currently shaping culture in Senegal. It’s a compilation—a highlight reel—of several packs resulting from this session to be released over the coming months. You’ll find traditional instruments (i.e. the kora, sabar, ngoni, and more), drumkits, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, flutes, and a ton more. Explore where cutting-edge modern music meets deep-rooted familial tradition with Splice Sessions: Senegal.



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