Rob Papen eXplorer 5 v2018 READ NFO

Rob Papen eXplorer 5 v2018 READ NFO

December 25 2018 | 1.48 GB
This inspirational bundle holds 20 RP products if you include the amazing Prisma! which you can request after registering your bundle.


Blade v1.0.3f
Blue v1.9.0k
Blue2 v1.0.3b
Go2 v1.0.1b
MasterMagic v1.0.0c
Predator v1.6.5d
Predator2 v1.0.4b
Prisma v1.0.2d (32bit v1.0.2b)
Punch v1.0.6d
Punch-BD v1.0.1d
RAW v1.0.4b
RAW-Kick v1.0.1
RG v1.6.2g
RP-AMod v1.0.0h
RP-Delay v1.0.2c
RP-Distort v1.0.1i
RP-EQ v1.0.0g
RP-Verb v1.5.2c
RP-Verb2 v1.0.0d
SubBoomBass v1.1.3c
SubBoomBass v1.0.1b

Seperate installer is included, becase we will release updates per product,
not the entire eXplorer bundle.


The single cracks by VR is OK (yes the crack is done exactly same as we had
done before 😛 ), however, their releases are not compatible with Prisma.
Our release contains custom Prisma (solves many official issue), and all
included plugins are compatible with it.

This time we provide keygen for eXplorer5 C&R part. This keygen will work for
the legit version too so it's very useful for legit users 🙂 Unfortunately,
Serial protection part is hardcoded multiple SHA1 based, so patching is still
needed without the legit serial number.


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