Oscar Zulu Square One Music Library Vol. 3 WAV

Oscar Zulu Square One Music Library Vol. 3 WAV | 182 MB
The Square One Music Library Vol. 3 is a collection of 10 musical samples composed and arranged by Oscar Zulu.

Volume Three of the Square One Music Library is centered around one group of instruments. Synthesizers. This pack has been inspired by both the classic synthesizers of the 70’s and 80’s and the modern synthesizers of today, blending sounds from both to bring a fresh and unique sound that still feels familiar and even nostalgic at points.

Though this pack is based around one central idea, it is far from one dimensional. Volume Three offers many different sounds and feelings, from ambient trap vibes, to screaming detuned synth chords, to airy open R&B ideas. This pack truly has something to offer for everyone.



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