Freaky Loops Bass Music Fills and Drops WAV

Freaky Loops Bass Music Fills and Drops WAV

Freaky Loops Bass Music Fills and Drops WAV

30 May 2017 | 565 MB
Meet our latest release “Bass Music Fills & Drops" this groundbreaking pack contains over 670 MB of fills, tension-builders, falls, rises, impacts and layered FX. From deep booms and high sweeteners, to huge hits and epic crashes, this collection has everything you need to spice up your track is right in here!

This energetic pack contains over 670MB includes 339/24 bit loops and samples. From huge drum builds to short drum fills, epic downshifters to crazy cymbal fx, simple white noise risers to explosive drops, speedy trap rolls to complex synth fills, chest-thumping impacts to crazy driven snare fills - it' s got everything you need! You get a huge variety of build-ups & breakdowns - everything you could look for: uplifters, vocal fills, snare fills, melody fills, cymbal fills, clap fills, trap rolls, drum fills, atmospheres, impacts, cymbals and downshifters for creation of breaks in different variations. All loops are tempo-labelled for flexibility and musical content is key labelled - it makes it easier, faster to use! The possibilities are endless and every break sounds unique!

In detail ‘Bass Music Fills and Drops’ includes 190 Buildups and 149 Breakdowns range from 128 to 170 bpm. Breakdowns are foldered as 40 Drum Fills, 30 Downshifters, 23 Atmospheres, 14 Cymbal FX, 14 Impacts, 14 Metallic Fills, 9 Spins and Scratches and 5 Wind. Buildups are foldered as 37 Drum Builds, 34 Risers, 29 Synth Builds, 24 Combi Builds, 22 Synth Fills, 24 Trap Rolls, 12 Vox and 8 Huge Snares. All of them were prepared for serious producers who want to build shocking tension in their tracks, using the best sound effects which are included in this product.

Whether you are making Future Bass, Trap, Dubstep, DnB, Electro, Glitch-Hop or any other forms that connected with Bass Music, this collection is a great starter point for new inspiration or for adding a hook to your track.

•24 Bit Quality
•339 Loops & Samples
•149 Breakdowns
•040 Drum Fills
•030 Downshifters
•023 Atmospheres
•014 Cymbal FX
•014 Impacts
•014 Metallic Fills
•009 Spins and Scratches
•005 Wind
•190 Buildups
•037 Drum Builds
•034 Risers
•029 Synth Builds
•024 Combi Builds
•022 Synth Fills
•024 Trap Rolls
•012 Vox
•008 Huge Snares


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