D16 Group Redoptor 2 v2.1.1 macOS

Feb 28 2021 | 22.4 MB
Vintage Tube Distortion effect
Precisely modeled tube distortion module capturing the sensitivity, warmth, and character of real tube saturation found in analog circuits.

Parametric EQ
4-Band parametric equalizer provides unparalleled control over your overdriven tones.

Independent stereo processing
Redoptor 2 accurately emulates the sonic signature of a classic high-gain guitar amp while offering the flexibility of a modern stereo signal path

Dynamics, your way
A compressor before the gain stage lets you shape the tube circuit’s response, and a master output limiter tames your fiercely distorted sounds

Key Features
Exact tube and tube's coupled circuits emulation
Preliminary filters
Preamp with built-in compressor
Output limiter
Fully equipped parametric equaliser
64bit internal processing
Tag based preset browser
Two alternative GUI sizes
MIDI-learn functionality throughout

# Fixed
- Occasional skin initalization issue

# Added
- macOS: Catalina + Big Sur (for Intel based computers only) support
that includes notarization and digital signing

IMPORTANT: As concequence starting with this version plugin
is no longer compatible with 32-Bit only host applications
(like ProTools 10 HD for example)

- Windows: digital signature for msi installers

# Fixed
- Misbehaviour of preset change alert
- Minor bugs

# Changed
- Code maintenance



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