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Sonokinetic Carillon v1.2.0 KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Carillon v1.2.0 KONTAKT

24 April 2020 | 7.19 GB
Recording these Carillon bells was a challenge, but one which we relished. These are real clock tower bells weighing up to half a ton on the biggest set, so it's a very powerful sound which we captured in great detail. Once we had managed to get these large bells into the studio (with the help of some heavy lifting equipment) we set about recording them with two different mallet types.

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Sonokinetic – Modal Runs v1.0 (KONTAKT)

Sonokinetic - Modal Runs v1.0 (KONTAKT)

April 24 2020 | 0.63 GB
Whether it be just a single run up to a transition, or an intense flurry of up and down runs that are the centerpiece of a composition, these runs will deliver. Play them with just a chord in the left hand and a beginning and end note in the right hand. They are great fun to play around with, and the intuitive 'emphasis' slider dials in a mix between the recorded strings and woodwinds sections in one fluid motion.

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Sonokinetic – Espressivo v1.0 (KONTAKT)

Sonokinetic - Espressivo v1.0 (KONTAKT)

23 April 2020 | 16-BIT | 6.97 GB
Many of our phrase-based libraries are conceived with a specific usage in mind... Maximo for intense action, Sotto for subtle scoring and Grosso for dramatic chases. The performances captured in these libraries have been put to use by our composer base in varied and surprising ways. For this reason we can't wait to hear what you create using our most intense library yet... "Espressivo".

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Sonokinetic – The Watchmaker v1.0 (KONTAKT)

Sonokinetic - The Watchmaker v1.0 (KONTAKT)

April 24 2020 | 0.12 GB
The sounds of ticking clocks and watches have always been associated with suspense, drama and edge-of-the-seat movie moments. In typical Sonokinetic fashion we couldn’t let this cinematic trend pass us by without jumping in with both feet and sampling an exhaustive collection of pocket watches, wristwatches and small clocks. The extremely quiet sounds that these mechanisms produce had us using all the tricks in our recording book to capture clean and precise samples without extraneous noise. After much experimentation we think that we’ve managed to capture intimately nuanced watch sounds without sacrificing any of the character of these unique timepieces.

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Sonokinetic Oud KONTAKT

Sonokinetic Oud KONTAKT

07 July 2018 | 8.99 GB

Turkish delight…
We’ve sampled a huge number of ethnic instruments over the last decade, but few evoke such warmth, mystery and wonder as those from Turkey. This geographical location brings with it a host of musical influences from within and also neighbouring areas; Arab nations to the south and Eastern Europe to the West. Some of our most inspiring libraries have their basis in the sounds of those parts of the world including Sultan Strings, Shahrazad, Sultan Drums and the beautiful vocals of Gediz and Güzin.

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