Analog Obsession OAQ v3.0 RETAiL WiN OSX

Analog Obsession OAQ v3.0 RETAiL WiN OSX

14 Jan 2020 | 35.0MB
Enhance Your Mixes
OAQ is intended to function not as a corrective equalizer. It will enhance tonal balance with simple movement and carefully selected center frequencies. Subtle or the most radical adjustments in order to restore the vitality and life to a poorly recorded master, or to further enhance a very good clean mix. Finest component level emulation for digital world!

Active equalizer that offers best component modeling

Carefully chosen switchable center frequencies

Offers unique unit in DSP world

Great for mixing & mastering

Dual mono

Left/Right Link

Mid/Side Processing

Oversampling for better processing

Drive controller to set character clean to warm

Frequency Settings
20Hz/60Hz/40Hz .......... +/- 18dB

80Hz/120Hz ................. +/- 9dB

400Hz/800Hz/630Hz .... +/- 4.5dB

1kHz/3kHz/2kHz ........... +/-4.5dB

5kHz/8kHz .................... +/- 9dB

15kHz/50kHz/20kHz ..... +/- 18dB

Low cut filter starts at 40Hz and is down 6dB at 20Hz

The bandwidth around each center frequency is fixed at two octaves allowing for the filters to overlap in a very natural and musical way


Version 3.0

Fixed Oversample
Minor bug fixes


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