P5Audio West Coast Detox Hip Hop Loops Sets WAV AiFF REX

P5Audio West Coast Detox Hip Hop Loops Sets WAV AiFF REX | 1.66 GB

Dre Style Hip Hop Beats!
Royalty free Dre and friends style music loop sets designed for music producers looking to make money in the West Coast Hip Hop game. These sets provide that authentic dark musical signature sound, which is the backbone of all West Coast flavored hits.

Product features:

These tracks are inspired by West Coast influenced greats like Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, DJ Khalil, DJ Quick, G Unit and more.
20 Multi-tracked Hip Hop construction style music loops sets with 198 individual loops total!
Instruments include live guitar recorded through Avalon® Pre-Amps, Signature P5audio® drum sounds and FX, live and sampled keyboards, Bass, Synths, Brass, Strings and more.
All tempos and key signatures are provided.
These Royalty Free Music Loops are available in Acidized 16 Bit WAV, REX2 and Apple Loop formats.
All loops are royalty free.



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