Cymatics Trap Drum Frameworks Vol.1 ALS

Cymatics Trap Drum Frameworks Vol.1 ALS

Aug 05 2018 | 15.63 MB
Have you ever wondered how artists like Boombox Cartel, NGHTMRE, and RL Grime create such high energy in their tracks?

Listen to any one of their tracks, and you’ll realize that the Drums play the key role in creating tension and energy in a track.

To help you learn how to precisely process and arrange your Drums like the pros, we had our team of professional producers create 5 explosive Trap Drum Frameworks.

We made sure that each Drum Framework was programmed in MIDI to let you visually see how the Kicks, Snares, and Hi-Hats are placed in an advanced level track.

By carefully interacting with each Drum Framework and learning how we arranged these Drums, you’ll be able to apply this knowledge to your own tracks immediately.

You’ll even be able to come up with new Drum patterns with no hesitation.

Not to mention, you’ll be getting a first hand look at how top level producers process their Drums….

…And yes, you’ll be able to see learn how we make your 808s ridiculously fat.

This means you’ll be able to see exactly how much Compression we add to our Drums, how to properly use Saturation, and how we EQ our Drums to get them to punch in the mix.

If you want the keys to understanding everything to do with Drum processing and programming, you need to grab Trap Drum Frameworks today.

Included in this pack:

5 Trap Drum Frameworks (Ableton)


Format: .ALS
File Size (Zipped): 16.4 MB
File Count: 5 Templates


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